Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Settling with Power (video)

You should have pre-planned answers to each of the major aerodynamic categories listed in the checkride sequence in your Flight Training Guide. You should be able to draw and explain, in detail, each of these aerodynamic concepts. This video will explain the concept of settling with power. For an actual video of an aircraft that is settling with power, go check out the tutorial on the Aviation Trainer web site.

In this video, I promised a clip of Michael Jackson - so here it is. I can't legally attach it to my site so I'm including a link. Michael was 9 and singing with the Jackson 5. He is singing "I want you back" and "ABC." Every time I think of settling with power I think of Michael Jackson. Check it out. Happy watching :)http://grouper.com/video/MediaDetails.aspx?id=928522

Hypoxia (video)

In the classroom you received instruction on several aeromedical topics. Among those was hypoxia. You should have several prepared answers to questions about hypoxia. Among those questions would be:

- What is hypoxia?
- What are the types of hypoxia?
- What are the stages of hypoxia?
- What are some symptoms of hypoxia?
- What are the altitudes and oxygen saturation levels for each stage of hypoxia?

You should be prepared to answer each of these questions. In addition, you should be prepared to explain each type of hypoxia. A sample of this question might be, "What is hypemic hypoxia?" This video will cover the basics of hypoxia. For additional information and some good videos of pilots suffering from hypoxia, refer to the tutorial on the Aviation Trainer web site.

Total Aerodynamic Force (video)

Since all of you have received a basic aerodynamic course, your check pilot will expect you to be able to explain the basic aerodynamic concepts. One of the most basic concepts is understanding an airfoil and total aerodynamic force (TAF). At a bare minimum, you should be able to diagram an airfoil that includes TAF. This video will explain how this is done.

Blog Face Lift

I'm putting a new face on the blog. Up to this point, I haven't really done a lot with the blog. The original intention of the blog was to provide a place for students to collaborate, communicate, and share information. Since I have recently learned to podcast and vodcast, I am going to make an attempt to convert this blog to a vlog. For those unfamiliar with a vlog, it is simply a video log that can be subscribed. In other words, if you have downloaded a program like FireAnt or iTunes (commonly referred to as podcatchers), you can subscribe to the vodcast and each time you open your podcatcher it will automatically go and retrieve the latest postings which you can then watch on your computer via the program or download to your iPod. The beauty of downloading to an iPod is that you now have portable content.

The one thing I want to make clear about this transition is that it is not an attempt to produce professional video. This video is simple and to the point. No flashy transitions or cool music. Vodcasting is simply a new media that allows you to take your content (educational or not) on the fly. For those of you with MP3 players don't feel left out. I'm also planning to post a few podcasts here that will be downloadable to your MP3 player.

If you find the first few videos or MP3 files useful, please post a comment. If you find them useless, boring, and think that they generally suck, then please post that comment also. I'll create new videos/MP3s or abandon the vodcasting/podcasting idea based on the feedback I get from you.