Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hypoxia (video)

In the classroom you received instruction on several aeromedical topics. Among those was hypoxia. You should have several prepared answers to questions about hypoxia. Among those questions would be:

- What is hypoxia?
- What are the types of hypoxia?
- What are the stages of hypoxia?
- What are some symptoms of hypoxia?
- What are the altitudes and oxygen saturation levels for each stage of hypoxia?

You should be prepared to answer each of these questions. In addition, you should be prepared to explain each type of hypoxia. A sample of this question might be, "What is hypemic hypoxia?" This video will cover the basics of hypoxia. For additional information and some good videos of pilots suffering from hypoxia, refer to the tutorial on the Aviation Trainer web site.


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